Table-Setting Rules

Table-Setting Rules

Table-setting rules

 - Why are table-setting rules still important?

 - Table setting rules gives us a direction while eating. If we follow these rules, we can have a pleasant dinner without more scenery and confusion while eating at the table.

 There are some reasons why some people don't want to put napkins on plates,

First, the detergent smell can pass onto the dishes when cloth napkins are washed and not rinsed well.

 Another reason is that cloth napkins are washed together with other laundry, and things you don't want from other laundry may be transferred to your napkin


 however, when disposable linen like napkins are used, they are extremely healthy and you can eat on your plates with peace of mind. Fork and spoon arrangement is arranged from the inside to the outside, the number of cutlery may differ depending on the type of food prepared and appetizer.

The table layout should be mainly as follows,

Knives and spoons are placed on the right and forks on the left. You can usually put the napkin on the left side of your plate so that it does not interfere with your eating at your table.

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